Hubei Yunge  protective products co.,ltd  is  a proffessional manufacturer ,which specializes in designing and producing ecofreindly disposable non-woven products for healthcare and industry , located in jianghan plain of central China - Xiantao city ,hubei province , which is known as “Gymnastics “ and “nonwoven production Base .

 Our factory mainly supplies disposable non-woven products , such as coverall , workwear , surgical gown ,lab coat , face mask ,bouffant cap ,shoe cover ,bedsheet ,apron , sleeve cover ,gloves, bra , underwear and so on ..... , and the main metials have PP, PE ,SMS ,PP+PE,Micoporous ,Spound ......we export our products to various countries ,including USA, Europe , Japan ,Southeast Asia, and deeply favorite for general customers . All products meet the high levels of quality demand and conform to the worldwide .

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